We successfully completed the annual refit of our Lifeboat. During this period the Lifeboat was taken off service for 6 days to complete an intensive program of work. Mechanic David Haynes, Second Coxswain Paul Francis and Treasurer Bob Francis completed the work on time, bringing the Lifeboat back on service on 21/02/220. During this time Lifejackets and re-righting system was inspected and recertified, full service of both Lifeboats and engines, together with a clean up of the station.

Mechanic Jason O’Toole and Beach Crew Ian Leeder Clean Up of the Re-righting Bag Prior to Re-certification by Survitec
One to the Station Mechanics, David Haynes, Servicing the Arancia Outboard Engine
Second Coxswain Paul Francis and Mechanic David Haynes Checking VHF Aerials
Anthony Bravery Helping With Some of the Cleaning Work