Following extensive changes to our charity shop, it is now open 4 mornings per week. Initially, we will open from 10-00am until 1-00pm, Monday, Tuesday, Friday and Saturday. A large black storage container will be placed outside the shop to accept your donations. Could we ask that you place all your lovely donations in black plastic bin bags to make it safer for our volunteers as we now have to quarantine all donations for a period of time.

You will notice that our shop looks very different. Before entering the shop please use the hand sanitiser provided beside the doorway. There is a strict one-way system in operation with only 3 customers in the shop at any one time. We would ask that you keep any children under close control for your safety and the safety of our other customers and our staff. We can now take all methods of electronic payment including contactless with a minimum of £5-00 spend.

We would loove to see you back again in our shop as we are all missing our supporters. If the shop is empty our volunteers will be pleased to chat but please bear in mind that other customers may be waiting to enter.

Thanks for being so understanding