On Saturday 28th January, our crew took our new lifeboat out on it’s first test run. The new boat built by Goodchild Marine Service at Burgh Castle, was taken out by the Coxswain and 3 crew members. The boat is fitted with 2 marineband VHF radios and an automatic identification system (AIS). The AIS broadcasts the boat’s position and speed, allowing the Coastguard control room and other ships to pinpoint it’s exact position. In addition the new boat has a fully integrated intercom and radio system. This enables all crew members to hear and operate the radios, something that thas been a problem during rough sea conditions in the past. The new lifeboat will be returning to Mundesley in the next few weeks for more crew familiarisation before going into service later in the year. The picture shows the crew carying out equipment familiarisation before taking the boat out from Goodchild’s Burgh Castle marina.