Mundesley Lifeboat was tasked at around 15.30 by Humber Coastguard to 5 people in the water off Bacton seafront with a paddle board being blown out to sea. Mundesley ILB quickly made it’s way to the scene and took two casualties on board and escorted three others back to the beach with the paddleboard. Two crewmembers administered casualty care to the casualties who were handed over to the ambulance service.

The Bacton Coastguard OIC requested that the ILB relaunch to another paddleboarder caught in offshore winds off Castaways holiday park Bacton. The ILB took the paddleboarder onboard and escorted a kayak back to shore.

The ILB was then tasked to another four paddleboarders off Walcott seafront who were escorted back to the beach.

Mundesley ILB was then stood down and returned to station.

When the ILB was recovering to the launch trailer, Humber Coastguard requested that the ILB relaunch to assist Cromer Coastguard and Norfolk Police with a vulnerable male. The ILB was stood down at 20.15.